In  IT infrastructure management, integration of tools/software with one  another has always been a crucial requirement. In Network Change and  Configuration Management (NCCM), which predominantly deals with change  control, such integration becomes all the more essential as network  configuration data lies at the core of enterprise network  administration. However, due  to the inherent incompatibility issues among tools, the integration goal  is fraught with too many roadblocks. DeviceExpert now breaks all the barriers in integration efforts through its REST APIs. Any third-party application or software can integrate  with DeviceExpert directly and add, access and extract data.

Many customers of DeviceExpert, especially the big enterprises that rely on enterprise CMDB as the centralized repository of critical data from  diverse applications, always wanted to integrate DeviceExpert with CMDB  to have a completely centralized, integrated,  holistic and consolidated change control and management.  To achieve this, DeviceExpert provides REST APIs, which allow third-party applications to extract data from  DeviceExpert and put them into CMDB and also trigger operations in  DeviceExpert as a reconciliation or troubleshooting measure based on the  ‘ground-realities’ in the CMDB.


The  comprehensive multi-vendor NCCCM capability of DeviceExpert, combined  with REST APIs can now provide critical feed to the enterprise CMDB  helping administrators gain enhanced visibility on the happenings in the  network and thereby achieve better management of network assets.

In  addition,  DeviceExpert integrates with ManageEngine’s flagship product  –  OpManager, the Network Monitoring Solution in the form of NCM  plug-in.  With REST APIs, customers can now leverage network  monitoring,  configuration management and change control in complete  alignment with  the enterprise CMDB, keeping it up-do-date with respect  to device  configurations.

In a significant benefit to the customers of OpManager with NCM Plug-in, the new set of APIs strengthen the workflow engine  in OpManager and help IT teams accelerate fault remediation through workflow-driven network automation.  Administrators will now be able to configure the workflow in such a way to rapidly respond to business  priorities. For instance, an alarm from a system to OpManager might mandate configuration backup of a particular device. This activity can now be automated as part of workflow leveraging the power of APIs.

APIs made available now help perform various tasks,  including inventory management (device addition and deletion);  configuration backup; compliance status; executing show commands on  devices; fetch device properties and executing templates and scripts that automate repetitive configuration tasks.

Trusted  by administrators across the globe, DeviceExpert automates many of the  manual tasks that had consumed the time of an organization’s IT and  network management teams. The availability of REST APIs strengthens  DeviceExpert’s functionality further and makes it a much more powerful  tool at the hands of network administrators enabling them take total  control of network device configurations.

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