UPS Solutions is a leading provider of power solutions with a rich and longstanding history. As a provider of mission-critical power solutions to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region, UPS Solutions has strived to maintain the highest standards of excellence while playing a part in empowering the economic prosperity of the region. Since its inception, UPS Solutions has established itself as a trusted provider of critical infrastructure equipment and services. The customer base transcends small businesses, multinational corporations, and government organizations alike.

For an enterprise like UPS Solutions, IT is the center-stage of the business, as every touchpoint of business operations involves technology. UPS Solutions is constantly in touch with customers through multiple communication channels, including calls and email. To meet customer experience and customer success goals consistently, it is imperative for UPS Solutions to ensure support services are available 24/7, so that salespersons can seamlessly resolve customer problems.

Why OpManager?  

UPS Solutions chose OpManager for its agility and efficiency. Subnets were discovered in a matter of minutes; this translates to more than 1,000 devices discovered at once with detailed information about the vendor and device type.

Intuitive dashboards with custom widgets makes it easy to get a quick overview of the network. With an exhaustive set of pre-made reports along with custom reports, UPS Solutions’ IT admins can pull in data about any metric they want from the network. Before OpManager, UPS Solutions had to invest in multiple tools, each catering to particular facets of network management. This led to more budget-spend on a sprawl of network monitoring tools. Ever since UPS solutions entrusted OpManager as the network monitoring tool for the entire organization, the results have taken shape in the form of increased productivity and efficiency levels in the organization.

OpManager is the one-stop network monitoring and management solution your organization needs, glowingly endorsed by Mr. Shohel Khan, IT data center solutions manager at UPS Solutions.