ManageEngine OpManager MSP now features the integration of the IP address management (IPAM) and switch port mapper (SPM) add-on. But what does this mean for MSPs, and how can it solve the challenges MSPs face daily?

Challenges MSPs encounter: A quick recap

MSPs navigate a complex landscape, striving to ensure high availability and quick recovery from network downtime. Traditional tools often fall short when it comes to managing IP addresses, switch ports, and the increasing concern of rogue devices infiltrating networks. OpManager MSP’s IPAM and SPM add-on is designed to be the catalyst for efficient network management as it addresses issues including IP conflicts, IP resource exhaustion, network switch issues, and unauthorized intrusions.

Unveiling IPAM and SPM add-on: 5 key benefits for MSPs

  1. Enhanced efficiency: Say goodbye to manual IP address management and switch port mapping. OpManager MSP’s add-ons automate these processes, saving valuable time and resources.
  2. Seamless resource management: Effortlessly manage your IP and switch port availability for multiple clients in real-time, streamlining operations and minimizing the risk of resource exhaustion or wastage.
  3. Reduced downtime: Swiftly identify and rectify IP and switching issues with real-time insights and alerts, minimizing downtime and ensuring network availability for your clients.
  4. Improved security: Stay one step ahead of potential threats. The IPAM and SPM add-on empowers you to detect and mitigate rogue devices promptly, bolstering the security of your clients’ networks.
  5. Streamlined operations: Centralize your network management operations with OpManager MSP. The integrated IPAM and SPM add-on creates a cohesive and streamlined experience for MSPs.

The game-changers: 3 strategic ways IPAM and SPM features helps with your day-to-day MSP tasks

These strategies are designed to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of your network, promoting optimal performance and reliability. By implementing these approaches, you can enhance the overall efficiency and stability of your entire network infrastructure.

1. Simplify IP resource management with IPAM

OpManager MSP’s IPAM add-on streamlines IP management across diverse client networks, providing a comprehensive view of the entire IP address space under a single pane of glass. It eliminates the risk of human errors and hassles of IP management spreadsheets and disparate tools by delivering real-time IP space scanning and monitoring. With the OpManager MSP solution, MSPs can allocate, track, and reclaim addresses from a centralized console.

For every monitored IP, this add-on tracks essential networking details like the DHCP scope details, DNS name, MAC address, availability, Last LoggedOn User, and more. Administrators can also add custom fields at both subnet and IP details levels for added flexibility.

2. Implement end-to-end mapping, streamlined with SPM

Gain end-to-end visibility into switch ports connected to physical devices. This ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your network’s status.

View details such as switch port’s associated IP and MAC addresses, VLAN information, and port status. SPM’s historical mapping functionality enables administrators to track device connections at specified times. Effortlessly locate devices with the Search option by specifying MAC, IP, DNS, or location. Organize switches into groups based for better visibility and control. Stay informed with notifications on switch port status changes.

3. Tackle the rise of rogues with Rogue Detection capability

The Rogue Detection module in OpManager MSP’s IPAM and SPM add-on actively monitors network nodes. This feature helps MSPs to identify trusted devices and swiftly detects unauthorized ones attempting to breach the client’s network, all from a centralized console.

With automated device discovery leveraging IP-MAC mappings and AD, MSPs gain control and eliminate rogue devices efficiently. The add-on provides visibility into connected switch ports, facilitating precise identification and resolution of network intrusions. For proactive security, MSPs can remotely block switch ports for identified rogue devices across multiple clients, ensuring network integrity.

Ready to dive in?

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