CIT LAO case study

CIT LAO is a pioneer in the field of civil aviation and air traffic management. But the Laos-based organization faced severe hurdles in maintaining the health and performance of its network due to lack of a monitoring solution. The amount of time it took to resolve an issue was alarmingly high, negatively impacting the network and resulting in downtime of CIT LAO’s infrastructure. This is why, after careful evaluation, the organization chose OpManager as its full-scale network monitoring solution to monitor the critical performance metrics of the network.

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Challenges faced by CIT LAO

CIT LAO is comprised of multiple servers with a distributed architecture and has around 120 employees to ensure smooth functioning of its daily operations. But the organization was facing a multitude of challenges, including the time spent on resolving each issue; because the network lacked a proactive alerting and automatic troubleshooting system, the MTTR was always high.

This is why CIT LAO went looking for a reliable network monitoring solution that could alert the desired stakeholders to ensure the issue was resolved before impacting the end user.

The network monitoring solution that helped: OpManager

CIT LAO chose ManageEngine OpManager as its comprehensive network monitoring tool after evaluating the solution and finding that it meets their complex requirements. Thonglin Lisockxay at CIT LAO expressed that the cost, capabilities, and the multi-vendor support are prime reasons his organization chose OpManager as its monitoring solution. OpManager’s user-specific dashboards, threshold-based alerting, and performance monitors add extra support to the IT team at CIT LAO in monitoring and managing the uptime of the IT infrastructure.

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About OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management platform that helps enterprises, service providers and SMEs manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates enable IT teams to set up a 24/7 monitoring system within hours of installation. Do-it-yourself add-ons extend the scope of management to include network change and configuration management, IP address management, as well as monitoring of networks, applications, databases, and virtualization. For more information about OpManager, visit