The pandemic struck the IT industry hard, upending many businesses. The businesses that adjusted best were those with a digital transformation process already in effect. Cut to 2022 and most organizations have started the digital transformation. And the ones that already had established digital transformation initiatives sped up the process. So, what’s next?

Digital dominance is the trend; the objective might be transformation, but the goal is beyond just process and strategy improvement. Digital dominance, when achieved by a business, gives it the ability to navigate economic and market disruptions, constantly staying ahead of the curve through reinvention and innovation.

We surveyed over 350 CIOs and CTOs, IT and network managers, admins, and architects on a global level to understand how they are faring. We have compiled the results in the form of an infographic. Take a look at the factors that will shape digital dominance in 2022.

Highlights of the infographic:

  • Planning your budget – Budget plans should provide a buffer for new costs that will arise over the course of digital transformation.
  • Cracking the cloud code – Cloud is central to agile business models, but building operations around it also presents new challenges.
  • Securing your network – While digitization ensues, new risks arise through vulnerable areas in the network. Ideally, all layers of IT infrastructure should be secured.
  • Integrating your way through the transformation maze – Although integration is seen as a key enabler of digital transformation, integration troubles add to the complexity and lead to more discrepancies.
  • Automation is key – Automating configurations is a priority for organizations because they form the backbone of an entire network. 50% of the surveyed respondents revealed that automating configurations tops the list.
  • Choosing the right monitoring tool – The complexity of multi-cloud and hybrid environments encourages enterprises to opt for IT management tools.
  •  Improving the customer experience – Excellent customer experience attracts and retains customers, determining the success of the business.
  • Focusing on WAN deployments – Transformation has increased the dependence on software-defined (SD) WANs. However, an unmanaged SD-WAN deployment can prove counter-productive.

 These are only one-third of the opportunities and challenges we identified during our survey. To learn more, download the complete infographic.

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