OpManager disk space monitor

Disk space availability in servers is crucial. Applications that run on these servers save log files and write data to a database that is also installed on the server; if there isn’t enough disc space, the application may not work properly and may crash. Monitoring disc space is critical for IT administrators to maintain server performance and network availability by preventing a sudden and unexpected lack of server disc space.

Challenges with monitoring disk space  

 IT admins face these challenges while monitoring the disk space of their network devices:

➤ Outages and application crashes due to lack of disk space resulting in unexpected and unusually long downtime

➤ Lack of proper notification and alerting when the system is running low on disk space

➤ Improper allocation of disk space without considering SLAs and network performance

➤ Lack of deep visibility into metrics such as free disk space, used disk space, disk utilization, partition details of the device, failed disk count, active disk count, disk queue length, disk write speed, disk transfer rate, and reads and writes

 To tackle these and many other issues, ManageEngine OpManager offers excellent disk space monitor features to monitor disk space for your Windows and Linux network servers, both physical and virtual.

Hard disk space monitor: OpManager

For a quick overview of the disk space status in your storage devices, OpManager includes numerous disk space monitor metrics and dashboard widgets to monitor every important metric. OpManager examines the device’s current usage rate and growth trends to estimate how long until its storage runs out. Disk read latency, disk write latency, disk space usage, disk I/O usage, and many other disk space performance monitors are included in OpManager.

OpManager provides device templates to ensure a disk is immediately recognized and that disk monitoring performance monitors are associated with devices. Once associated with the devices or a set of devices in bulk, the disk performance monitors can be viewed from the Inventory tab. Additionally, OpManager has over 230 dashboard widgets to monitor specific metrics, including Top VMs by Disk i/o Usage and Disk Reads, to present a quick overview of the disk space status.

 OpManager provides disk performance monitors and metrics such as Disk Partition, Process Count Details, Disk Reads, Disk I/O, Disk and Network Utilization for Every Host and VM, Partition Details of the Device, Failed Disk Count, Active Disk Count, Disk Queue Length, Disk Write Speed, and Disk Transfer Rate along with metrics for NetApp, Oracle, Microsoft HyperV, and many other technologies.

Disk space utilization monitoring and forecasting

Forecasting disc space by usage is a helpful function for estimating when storage will run out. OpManager, a disc space usage monitor, examines the device’s current usage rate and growth trends to estimate when storage will run out. The algorithm has the advantage of providing three predictions: when the storage will reach 80%, 90%, and 100% of its capacity.

Workflow automation to monitor disk space effectively

Log clearing is a labor-intensive and time-consuming operation that must be done on a regular basis. Because this task requires little human thought and intervention, IT administrators frequently write scripts or remove logs manually. However, there is a better way to go about it.

Using OpManager’s Workflow tool, you can simply automate repetitive but critical processes like checking for free drive space and cleaning logs to free up space. Use the Check Drive Free Space option from the Workflow tab to check for free space on the drive automatically. Because clearing logs to free up disc space isn’t always possible, OpManager offers Workflow operations like Compress File, Compress Folder, Get File Size, List Files, Check Folder Exists, and Move Folder. Workflows can be scheduled to run on a regular basis or activated manually by an IT administrator.

OpManager is not only a disk space monitor, but also an excellent overall network monitoring solution for networks of all sizes for any organization and trusted by over one million IT admins worldwide. Schedule a personalized demo of OpManager today. Or download OpManager’s free, 30-day trial to try out OpManager yourself.

Rebecca Dsouza
Marketing Analyst