Managing IT operations is becoming increasingly complex due to the evolution of IT systems, the recent shift to a hybrid workforce, changing client requirements, and many other reasons. This is why IT admins like you need a solution that allows you to deal with these complex ongoing problems effortlessly.
An integrated solution makes your job easier by allowing you to manage your entire IT infrastructure in one place, helping you avoid the time-consuming process of going through multiple tools to manage your IT operations. It also helps you avoid the overhead of dealing with multiple licenses.

ManageEngine OpManager Plus – Integrated IT operations management software

OpManager Plus has been serving IT admins across the globe for years. It simplifies IT operations management by providing you a unified solution to monitor networks, servers, IP addresses, and switch ports; manage bandwidth and network configurations; analyze firewall rules, logs, and policies; track application usage; and monitor storage devices—all in one place.

At OpManager Plus, we strive to make IT operations management as efficient as possible. We know that handling multiple licenses can be a huge hassle and that it can cause disruption while managing your IT operations. This is why we’ve revamped our licensing model. Our new licensing model is more comprehensive and flexible than ever.

Highlights of OpManager Plus’ new licensing model

To make things easier for you, we’ve categorized devices into three types, i.e., network devices, servers, and storage devices.

  1. Network devices – Any device monitored under this category will be also be monitored for its availability, flow-based bandwidth, configuration changes, IP addresses, firewall logs, access points, and ports.
  2. Servers – Any server monitored will also have its applications and internet services monitored.
  3. Storage devices – RAID, tape libraries, and any other storage device can be easily monitored.

The new licensing model is more flexible than ever, allowing you to monitor network devices, servers, storage devices, applications, and their components with a single license.

Monitoring devices along with their various components with a single license makes your life easier by eliminating the overhead that comes with owning multiple licenses. When you purchase a single OpManager Plus license, you also have the option to split the total number of devices to be monitored between the three category types mentioned above as needed.

Functions such as storage monitoring, wireless LAN controller monitoring, applications monitoring, and failover support, which were initially additional parameters that IT admins used to increase efficiency, are now included in the base license itself. You can now adapt to the ever-changing scope of IT operations management effortlessly.

Read up on how the new licensing model helps you manage your IT operations hassle-free.

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