Vabi is a Netherlands-based company that provides “real estate data in order, for everyone.” Since 1972, the company has focused on making software that calculates the performance of buildings. Nine out of 10 utility buildings in the country have been simulated with Vabi’s sustainable model. Vabi has widened its scope from making calculations for construction and installation technology to making building data accessible to everyone. 

Challenges faced 

Vabi focuses on making real estate data more reliable and readily available to the market, meaning it has a considerably large amount of data hosted on its servers. However, it did not have any proper monitoring solution for its network devices.

According to Peter Leone, system administrator for Vabi, “It took too much time to troubleshoot issues.”

Veeam One was being used to monitor the virtual elements in the network, but all other devices were left unmanaged. This left Vabi with poor visibility over the network and the need for a central solution that could keep track of CPU memory, disk usage, and device availability.

Overcoming network management challenges with OpManager 

OpManager gave Vabi complete visibility over its network infrastructure, so network admins could better understand the needs and issues existing in their network. It also handles Vabi’s business-critical metrics such as CPU and memory utilization in servers and availability of network devices, which have to be monitored on a daily basis. 

In addition to monitoring the availability and bandwidth utilization of network devices, Vabi’s software team set up service monitors, event log monitors, syslog monitors, and VMWare/HyperV/Xen monitors with OpManager. Threshold-based alerting has proved to be a huge advantage, as network admins can decide on the severity of an issue and the required response as and when the alert is raised. 

Learn more on how Vabi eliminates system downtime with OpManager. Download the full case study here!

The Firewall Analyzer advantage 

Vabi implemented the Firewall Analyzer add-on to gain easy insights on firewall activity and proactively monitor their WAN connection. 

“Because of Firewall Analyzer, we have greater insight into the performance of our WAN connection and how our firewall is performing.” 

 – Peter Leone,  System administrator, Vabi 

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