A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd is a renowned food retail and distribution company based in the United Kingdom. It is also a member of the Unitas Wholesale group and a significant supplier to the independent grocery sector across the UK.

How OpManager helped A.F. Blakemore

A.F. Blakemore has two internal data centers that process and manage logistics, retail, and distribution data. However, it did not have a separate tool for monitoring its network, which created problems. According to Lee Pritchard, technical architect at A.F. Blakemore, “We had no way of discovering what was wrong—only what was down. Monitoring disk space, CPU, etc. was a pain.”

ManageEngine OpManager helped resolve A.F. Blakemore’s data center difficulties by providing troubleshooting tools and performance monitors that help reduce network downtime and trace the root causes of issues. Implementing this solution has also ensured that similar issues can be easily tracked and documented, saving valuable IT help desk time and resources.

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 OpManager’s indispensable network monitoring capabilities

OpManager has given A.F. Blakemore a single, integrated solution for the problems it faced while monitoring its physical servers, VMs, as well as Hyper-V and Xen servers. OpManager also strengthens the company’s network monitoring by providing storage monitoring in the same console through an easily installed add-on. Employees at A.F. Blakemore have special praises for OpManager’s user-friendly interface, which does not require them to possess any additional technical expertise. “Clean, simple GUI. Don’t need to be an expert. If you are stuck, there are loads of videos on YouTube, and support is really good,” said Pritchard when talking about how easy it is to use OpManager.

OpManager comes loaded with a variety of metrics for multiple performance monitors, threshold analysis, custom notifications, alarms, workflows, and more. To learn more about OpManager and see how it can help manage your network better, download a 30-day, free trial or register for a free demo.