Given the myriad of choices people have for a product in the market, deciding upon an option has become a daunting task. Online review sites and expert reviews on the internet have become the go-to for credible information about products. So, when RouterFreak, a subject matter expert in network tech decided to review OpManager, we just had to show the world what the experts think about us.

OpManager 101  

ManageEngine OpManager is a network monitoring solution that helps gauge network health, performance, and other useful metrics needed to manage your network devices better. Workflow automation, discovery rule engine, virtualization support, and storage monitoring are some of OpManager’s prominent features that help monitor your IT network devices more efficiently.

RouterFreak on OpManager 

From what started out as a personal blog, RouterFreak thrived to become the ultimate destination for network engineers to read about network fundamentals, engineering tools, configuration tips, and product reviews.

RouterFreak’s review offers a detailed walk-through of the product. The reviewer employed all the features offered by OpManager, from the most prominent to the more subtle ones. Every function was put to the test, measured for performance, and compared with corresponding features of market competitors to draw valuable conclusions. Check out these observations made by RouterFreak to get an idea of what they have to offer.

The bottom line

RouterFreak’s comprehensive review of OpManager highlights all pros and cons for potential customers to consider. The reviewer was impressed by the deluge of features offered by OpManager and rated it 4.6/5. 

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