Rojan Australia Pty Ltd is a managed IT services provider that supports a wide assortment of customers and businesses, and provides services such as hosted Microsoft Exchange, Xen Citrix servers, rack space, internet links, and desktop support.

Why Rojan chose OpManager

In managing more than 500 servers and seven data centers, a substantial amount of troubleshooting network issues is required. “Previously, we used Solarwinds Orion to monitor our private network and servers. The alerting system felt clunky, and it was sometimes difficult to navigate the interfaces to find what we wanted,” said Blake Mobbs, IT specialist at Rojan. “OpManager changed that. Each interface tells you what you’re configuring on each screen; helpful tips are also provided!”

Download the full case study here.

Network monitoring is a breeze with OpManager

Network monitoring is hard, and the task of setting up a network monitoring solution is often even harder! After trying OpManager, Rojan’s IT specialists have a different opinion, stating, “The UI in OpManager is perfect, the interfaces are set out in such a way that we could open a new installation and get everything set up the way we needed within an hour, if not 30 minutes.”

For hosted service providers, monitoring critical elements like CPU, RAM, and hard disk drive (HDD) storage has been made hassle-free, efficient, and customized with OpManager. Rojan estimates to have saved $ 100,000 on the cost of downtime per year, $ 30,000 on additional hardware per year, and $ 50,000 on the cost of maintenance per year.

OpManager comes loaded with a variety of metrics for multiple performance monitors, threshold analysis, custom notifications, alarms, workflows, and more. To learn more about OpManager and see how it can help manage your network better, download a 30-day, free trial, or register here for a free demo.

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