Addressing Wi-Fi issues can be challenging

Tracking the availability, speed, and performance of a large number of systems, servers, VMs, routers, access points, firewalls, interfaces, and WAN links, plus monitoring their health is not a simple task. Tackling angry emails from employees about Wi-Fi running slowly, or it taking a lifetime to download a simple setup file or load a business-critical application, can hamper productivity. Performance disruptions can cause a ripple effect that takes a toll on the overall operations of the organization.

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Wi-Fi Analyzer for OpManager’s Android app improves productivity

Wi-Fi Analyzer for OpManager Android application  is a network performance monitoring (NPM) solution by ManageEngine that effectively monitors signal strength, channel graphs, and channel interference of the available Wi-Fi networks. You can utilize Wi-Fi Analyzer to detect slow Wi-Fi networks and poor signal strength. The best part is that you can enjoy Wi-Fi Analyzer free of advertisements. Wi-Fi Analyzer is supported on Android mobile and tablet devices. Download the free app today!

 The set-up is super quick. Simply log into the OpManager Andriod app by using OpManager’s credentials. Wi-Fi Analyzer for OpManager provides easy-to-read graphs that show which of your Wi-Fi devices and access points have Weak, Good, and Best signal strength. An interference graph can also be viewed to know which of your access points have noisy signal. This option helps sysadmins monitor slow internet connectivity and perform root cause analysis (RCA) quickly. Network audits for IT teams also become a cake walk with OpManager and Wi-Fi Analyzer working together to determine what went wrong, why, and how. With this clear information, you can minimize or even eliminate downtime.

Enterprises gain IT infrastructure insights from data correlation tools

According to the latest industry report from EMA Research, enterprises collect and analyze several classes of data with network performance monitoring (NPM) tools, and about 98 percent of enterprises utilize tools that can correlate insights from two more more classes of network data. Providing deep network visibility through the OpManager UI, and additional insights obtained from the free Wi-Fi Analyzer Android app, you can you can now take full control of the IT decision making and troubleshooting process in your network.

Try Wi-Fi Analyzer for OpManager today to experience for yourself 360-degree network visibility.

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