Software Reviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, has called OpManager a leader in its recent Network Monitoring Category Software Review. Out of ten network monitoring software vendors, OpManager emerged as a gold medalist.

The ranking is based on product features, customer satisfaction pulled from over 500 reviews, and vendor experience and capabilities. In the Network Monitoring Category Report, OpManager ranked number one for:

  • Usability and Intuitiveness

  • Ease of implementation

Vendor Capabilities

 OpManager was placed in the top three for:

  • Breadth of features

  • Product strategy

  • Rate of improvement

  • Vendor support

  • Ease of data integration

  • IT administration

  • Customization

  • Availability and quality of training

Product Features

OpManager was also placed in the top three for:


In the area of strategy and innovation, OpManager was listed in the top three for improvement, lack of hidden enhancement charges, willingness to modify features as per users’ requirements, and inspiring innovation. Overall, OpManager was described as reliable and productive.

Emotional footprint

Emotional response ratings are a powerful indicator of overall user satisfaction with the vendor and product. In the emotional footprint category, OpManager’s service experience was rated efficient, caring, effective, and time-saving. According to the report, OpManager shows integrity, a client-friendly approach, altruism, trust, and fairness in conflict resolution.

Pricing Negotiation

Negotiations with software vendors don’t have to be tough, and customers should never feel like they’re being lured into buying a more expensive product with offerings they don’t even need. Customers are more likely to enjoy an interaction with a vendor who will work with them to find the edition that works best for their IT infrastructure. In this aspect, OpManager exceedingly outperformed every other vendor for generosity, transparency, and friendly negotiations. We are thrilled to hear that our customers think OpManager delivers more than it promises.

Software Reviews’ Network Monitoring Category Report gives IT teams deeper insight into the capability and suitability of IT products and services based on specific or customized use cases. See for yourself why OpManager stands above the rest.

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