In a recent article published in Network World, John.E.Dunn discusses how Youtube and Facebook have an enormous impact on the corporate bandwidth. They surveyed 19 billion URL’s visited by 30,000 end users and here are their findings.

According to this article, over 21.5% of total bandwidth is being used by the social networking sites. At ManageEngine we have seen this first-hand when helping customers with their Network performance management problems – the usual suspects are Youtube, facebook and sometimes Bit Torrent clients.

Most companies are not aware of how their bandwidth is being used and how the usage of these social networking sites impact the performance of business critical applications. As suggested in the article, its very important to have a system in place to monitor the bandwidth usage and prioritize the business critical applications.

If you are interested in getting such a solution in place in your company, you can see the sample screenshot below to understand how OpManager along with the Netflow plug-in provides you visibility into your WAN pipes to understand which user or which application is using your bandwidth.

As you can see in the sample screen shot, 93% of traffic is being used by Youtube. So you can monitor the bandwidth as well as which application and user is using it. Check out Opmanager’s network traffic analysis with the NetFlow Plug-in for more info.


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