How to enable SNMP on Windows Server?

OpManager | November 13, 2009 | 1 min read

Hi Everyone,

Here is a step-by-step screenshot presentation on How to enable SNMP on Windows Servers. Hope you find this useful.

This is just a new initiative and more to follow from now…


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If you are a beginner trying to understanding what is SNMP?  Then I’m sure you will find our SNMP Tutorial informative. Check the tutorial at “



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  1. Joan Padilla


    I have a problem with the configuration snmp on cisco switch, when I’m trying to add my device in MAC-to-IP Mapping I get a message ” No Response to SNMP Queries – ‘IPDevice’

    Can you send me information step by step about what is the correct form to configure snmp on cisco ISO(Switch)

    o if you can send me information how can I fix this

  2. @Ateh –

    1) With regard to the slide, please send me a mail at “” with this blog post as reference.

    2) Frankly, it doesn’t make any difference, you can have the same name as well. This has nothing to do with the TRAP.

    Let me explain.

    > The community string used under “Security” tab, is used for authentication purpose i.e. when a network monitoring system tries to fetch or write SNMP information these authentication will be checked. That’s why we have “Rights” i.e. Read Only or Read Write.

    > Whereas for SNMP Trap, the devices is going to send the trap to the network monitoring system, so the community name is just for our identification. Hope this clarifies

    PS. Visit our SNMP tutorial for more info

  3. ateh


    I Have few questions:
    1) Is this slide available for download?
    2) I guess you using different name of Community Name is for diffrent Community right purpose, but you’ve put different Community Name under Security and Traps tab, it that it supposed to be? Shouldn we put same Community name in order OPmanager can manage the window server?

    Thanks for answering.