How many of you have known it the minute your network monitor loses network connectivity? Or worse, how many of you knew through end user complaints (I’m sure in no mild words!)?

OpManager now sends an SMS to your mobile phone when the hosting server loses network connectivity. You also get an SMS alert when the OpManager server regains connectivity. Set-up is very simple – just key in your mobile number when configuring the SMS server in the Admin tab. Here’s the list of supported modems for SMS notifications.

SMS on losing connectivity: “OpManager has detected that it has lost network connectivity and has suspended all monitoring. Monitoring will be automatically resumed once connectivity is established.”

SMS on re-establishing connectivity: “Network connectivity reestablished. Restarting Network monitoring services

PS: You can also have two OpManager installations set-up in a fail-over configuration to ensure an always-monitored network environment. Check out OpManager’s Network Monitoring Failover and Failback