Sorry, No Features this time

OpManager | February 22, 2007 | 1 min read

So, finally the all new OpManager 6 MSP Edition is out. (Whew!!!)

I am not going to go on about whats in it- you have the website for that. But I really think I should give you the one thing which would not be mentioned there.

The website is what we have on the table. But perception and interpretation are totally different things.

While the site would tell you about what OpManager MSP has, this blog aims to make you think about what YOU can do with OpManager 6 MSP Edition!

Unlike other releases, unlike other products, we are not providing any features this time. NO FEATURES HERE

Using OpManager 6 MSP Edition, MSPs can experience the potential to grow bigger, provide more services and gain greater profits. So it would be unfair on both you and me if I just dismissed them off as mere features.

With OpManager 6 MSP Edition, we do not just provide features. We provide OPPORTUNITIES