Global Issues- Local Solutions!

OpManager | January 29, 2007 | 1 min read

It is common practice for MSPs to rebrand the central server and let customers log on. But what happens then if the MSP faces a downtime?

Simon, from CWL Systems, dared to think different- “Just let the users log on to their local probes instead!

This way, availability is maximized, and the MSP’s bandwidth will not be hogged when users check status of their servers.”

Further, users are provided the url to their local installation to access status. The MSP just creates a user (which is read only) for them.

Simon has conceived a new outlook to rebranding as well:

Save all the relevant logos and html pages, etc and Zip them upWhen a new probe is installed, just extract the zip file, and run the batch file which copies all the appropriate rebranding files and logos into correct locations.The customer?s install is rebranded without forgetting anything!

A Big Cheer to Simon once more!