Trouble Moving?!

OpManager | January 23, 2007 | 1 min read

Most often,for purposes of evaluation, MSP instals the central server on a test machine and the probe in the customer’s place. After testing, however, the central server needs to be moved from the test machine to the data center machine.

So how do we go about with this?

This is a pretty common scenario that we face every day. So just thought we’d write a solution for it here.

Solution: Install it on the datacenter machine in the first place! (OK just kidding! 😀 )

Actual solution

1. stop central server. copy the following folders

* central/conf

* central/users

* central/mysql

2. install a fresh central server in the NOC. paste the above mentioned 3 folders

3. go to admin->customer->add a new customer

4. go to admin->probe->add a new probe

5. download the probe key.

6. stop probe server.

* unzip the probe key in probe/conf directory

7. start central and probe.

I hope this helps!