MSP Edition Upgrade Pack 6002 available

OpManager | October 10, 2006 | 1 min read

A newer version of OpManager MSP edition is now available. Our MSP team has just released Upgrade pack 6002.

A few things that have gone into this release include:

Trial Probes: Win new customers without spending a penny. Offer unlimited number of 30-day trial probes. (learn more)

Google Map View: Checkout your probe health in google maps. (see video)

Active Directory Add-on: MSP edition now comes with Active Directory Add-on completely free of cost (learn more)

Customer Specific Reports: Now you can get complete report on a per-customer basis on your mailbox every week.

More details at opmanager forums

To upgrade to the latest version of MSP Edition, you need to download and install the upgrade pack.

Now that the release is over, we are anxiously awaiting your feedback. Drop in a line to should you have any queries/feedbacks/concerns.