Couple of weeks back i met Schema Networks president Scott Weaver in orange county. Scott is very much a hands-on guy servicing numerous law and architectural firms in that county. He has been evaluating OpManager MSP edition for long and has been a great amount of support to us. But he had problems with 5 out of his 7 probes crashing again and again. During my visit we had a lenghty discussion and we found that the probem was not with OpManager but due to the virtualization.

Scott had the MSP probe installed in one of the 5 virtual OSs running in a windows box. [1 box – 5 OSs] He was also running a VoIP call application in one of the 5 OSs and he had assigned 100% priority to that application. This we believe could have impacted the probe. Whenever the probe wanted to connect to the server it required some amount of resources, but was denied due to lower priority. When the probes gets CPU timed out, it shutsdown automatically and tries to start again. But the same story repeats again creating multiple green colored tray icons. (see image below)

NOTE: The probes which were not running in virtual OS were running fine.

Scott gave us a cool and very important direction to our product testing – do it on a virtual setup before releasing. Going by the amount of benefits offered by virtualization i guess lot of MSPs would soon follow this path – server consolidation. But for time being, if you are planning to run MSP edition please dedicate a server for it !!!!!!

seen below are bill and scott of schema networks