OpManager MSP Edition Released

OpManager | March 24, 2006 | 1 min read

Believe it or not, we have just released the MSP Edition of OpManager. And you are the first ones to know about it. Checkout http://msp.opmanager.com for more details.

Special thanks to our BETA CUSTOMERS who have been evaluating our [not-so-smooth] BETA build and passing on valuable feedback all along. Blair Brandenburg, David Peterson, Robert Perez, Juric Shum, Joe Kubeyka, Jeff Main, Karly Grunebach, Thor Evind Tveit, Peter Appelman, Dennis Timmermans, David Nelson, Wouter Pels, Nicolas CLERMONT, Chris, Justin Clarke, Daryl Moxham, Joe, Rasmus Hansson, Loren McGlothern, Charbel Safadi, Dave, Burgess Xavier, Peter Versluijs, Lee Quince, Bill Bunnell, Eric A. Rix, Michael Crocker, Jim Latimer

Folks, thanks a lot. You have been amazing. The entire team loves you.