Network manager at an ISP

OpManager | March 15, 2006 | 1 min read

Marco campos works as a network manager at an ISP. He downloaded one of our software sometime back and last week i mailed him to check how he is using it. Though marco is not using the software, he replied me in detail on what he is looking for. I appreciate your help marco. You made atleast 3 product teams inside our camp smile. The reason? they got the tools that you are looking for.

We presently use several monitoring applications like WhatsUp, Nagios, etc. and we?re looking for something easier to use and network aware (auto-detect changes on configured devices), do monitoring, usage graphs (interfaces, cpu, free ram, etc.).. Also we look for an application with a console/viewing mode were all can see a summary of outages and eventually acknowledge a fault, assigning automatically to him a task to fix that fault so you can know who acknowledged the fault and is working on it.your software didn?t seemed quite what I was looking for, so for know we?ll continue to use our old tools.

Here are the three products that you might need

1)For auto-detecting-changes on configured devices: DeviceExpert product. Its a change management software which can alert you when the configurations in your router/switch/firewall change without your permission.

2)For monitoring, seeing graphs on cpu, outages etc. – OpManager.

3)For automatically assigning a ticket to your operator – ServiceDeskPlus with OpManager.

Good to see such customers coming back to us asking for more. Thank you Marco. You helped me explain our products to a larger set of audience.

(This is marco’s 2 yr old daughter makink)