Thought i will compile the list of top questions that our early customers have been asking so far.

1. Can i monitor devices from multiple-customers with one probe? (Assuming that i have either a VPN connection or the devices have public IP address) OR is it always one probe = one customer?2. Is OpManager MSP pricing inclusive of Exchange monitoring feature or should i pay extra for that?3. Do you compress the data between probe and central server or is it sent as it is?

4. Can i configure the frequency of probe-central connections for data transfer or is it fixed for all probes?

5. Can i have detailed customer reports? I kind of use them as a light weight SLA for my customers.

6. Do you offer discounts if i purchase probes in bulk? We are initially testing with 2-3 sites and we might extend to a majority of our 200+ customers in the long run. We don’t want to be tied down with you everytime we roll out this service to newer customers.

7. I want OpManager to integrate with my inhouse CRM system so that we automatically generate a ticket for our support staff everytime a device fails in our customer place.

8. Can i private-label OpManager MSP edition? We are rolling out a new service and we want our customers to see this as our own offering and we don’t want to show AdventNet/OpManager anywhere in the UI or in the reports.

9. Can my customers login to this software and see what devices we manage for them? We want them to see only their devices and nothing more.

10. Is your pricing based on the number of probes or does it also take into account the users (as we have seen in OpManager professional)