Switching from trusted advisors to MSP

OpManager | February 25, 2006 | 1 min read

For long, SMBs have relied on VARs and System Integrators for technical guidance. In 2005 SMBs spent $200billion on IT and without a doubt these spendings have a greater influence of the VAR/SI. When both the hardware and software vendors walked way cheerfully with their share of cake, our heroes were left to be contended only with their thin margins. Now, these trusted advisors are changing roles to make more money by taking the MSP route.

The important benefit of having a managed services setup is optimizing your resources. Doing it remotely helps to find problem situations before they occur, cut the periodic-not-so-productive customer visits, reduce the time-to-fix problems, allocate right resources for right solutions, and helps to run the business with maximum efficiency. Right tools can do the trick for a successful VAR-to-MSP migration.