Oh no, I kicked the laptop…

OpManager | January 10, 2006 | 1 min read

Who hasn’t experienced this? Laptop is running out of gas, and you manage to pull the chair near that plug only to forget it later, so you kick the cord as you walk, sending the laptop flying. Thud. There she goes on the floor.

Well, now Apple has found a solution for this common problem. A magnetic power adapter. Apple calls it MagSafe. This new power adapter doesn’t plug deep into your laptop but just kisses it lightly with its magnetic lips. You kick the cord and you get the adapter in hand, not the laptop.

But can’t they think of a solution that gets rid of this power cord totally? Something like how Wi-Fi got rid of that Ethernet cable. Hm, how about POA*—power over air?!

* No patent pending