First law of information?

OpManager | December 18, 2005 | 1 min read

Sounds like the first law of information to me. Might look crappy to you…but that’s because of another law (relativity) !!

Info should always find you. The inverse is waste of time.

In real life we have come to expect info to travel straight to us. RSS validates this point. I no longer visit my favorite Blogs (Seth, Maeda, Joel to name a few) but just login to Bloglines. Visiting each one of them to see whether there?s something new sounds like a Stone Age thing. (But occasionally I go there if I want to read something again, say like the pricing post by Joel which left me confused forever, but that?s rare.)

Same thought process applies to network management as well. If you are logging into your network-monitoring console daily to see that everything is working well, hmm Stone Age. Don?t you think it?s the duty of the software to supply that info to you? That?s why OpManager has these two features:

OpManager SMS Alerts Appliance – for those instant alerts:

The SMS appliance shoots instant SMSs over the GSM/CDMA network (depending on what SIM card / modem you use) directly to your mobile phone.

OpManager Scheduled Reports ? for those periodic reports

You can schedule your reports and get them delivered in your inbox periodically. Once you install the software configure the scheduled reports settings, sit back, and relax.

Still have a reason to login daily? Let me know.