How to check bandwidth usage per IP

NetFlow Analyzer | November 2, 2022 | 2 min read

Handling today’s network performance challenges is imperative. Especially when there’s no specific tool for proactive monitoring, results from a root cause analysis are often incomplete. Organizations that don’t review metrics related to performance and availability risk compromising their network.

The scenario below provides a glimpse of the importance of monitoring bandwidth usage for IP addresses, and how bandwidth issues can be tackled effectively with ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer.

Use case

Mark is a network administrator at a renowned IT organization that has international branch offices. As a service-based organization, maintaining seamless intranet and internet access is necessary to ensure business operations run seamlessly and don’t disrupt the support the IT teams provide to their customers.

The challenge

Mark’s organization has faced issues connecting with other sites, which negatively impacted collaborations. When his manager asked Mark to check the bandwidth for network devices, he identified that it was reliable and that down time should be minimal. But with the expanded use of wireless devices in the organization, Mark wasn’t able to determine which users were using the bandwidth and for what purpose.

Mark discovered that some monitoring tools were either bundled with other tools that the IT team didn’t need, making them unaffordable, or that they required excessive time to deploy and customize to his organization’s network needs. Mark wanted a tool that is easy to install and can efficiently monitor the IT infrastructure without encountering any network blind spots or performance issues.

How NetFlow Analyzer helped

When he discovered an interface’s high bandwidth utilization, Mark drilled down to learn the users used a particular interface. Since NetFlow Analyzer is based on flow technology, he detected the sources and the destination IP addresses with their applications, ports, and protocol details. By knowing which users consume which bandwidth and how, he was able to restrict access to unuseful and bandwidth-hogging applications.

IP based traffic monitoring

Mark was also able to track suspicious traffic with the NetFlow Analyzer’s unique security add-on, Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM), despite the amount of traffic passing in and out of the network. With its preconfigured algorithms, NetFlow Analyzer revealed suspicious sources and risky destination IP addresses, enabling his organization to take immediate remediation actions.

IP traffic details

NetFlow Analyzer also enabled Mark to add criteria to observe traffic by departments and branch offices, with its IP grouping feature. Evaluating traffic data based on branch offices helped Mark drill down and check that individual office’s requirement and determine if it needed optimization or upgradation.

Traffic grouping

An advanced bandwidth monitoring software, NetFlow Analyzer proved to be an affordable solution for Mark’s organization. This all-inclusive bandwidth monitoring tool provided visibility into every entity of the organization, including wired and wireless devices and their interfaces.

NetFlow Analyzer helps organizations tackle their bandwidth monitoring challenges. As a full-fledged bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis tool, this solution provides you with visibility into interface-level bandwidth usage, helps you shape traffic with QoS, and optimize the existing bandwidth with traffic trends reports including Forensics, Capacity planning, and Geolocation.

You can take advantage of NetFlow Analyzer with a 30-day free trial. You can also dive deep into our product’s features to learn more about how this solution can address your organization’s bandwidth monitoring requirements. Schedule a free product demo with our solution experts today!