At home I’ve got an Internet connection with an 18 Mbps downstream connection. Not phenomenal, but for home use, it’s plenty good. Conversely, Fred Hassard, a Senior Network Engineer for Adventist Health West, manages a network of twenty hospitals, some of which have incredibly slow connections, as little as 6 Mbps. For that reason, and many others, he has to be incredibly diligent about carefully monitoring his network.

For more than five years, Hassard has been an extremely happy ManageEngine customer, using NetFlow Analyzer to manage all his connections, especially the ones with minimum bandwidth, where a single user downloading a video can eat up 1/3rd of the traffic. He really needs to know what every single one of his users is doing.

When Hassard first started using NetFlow Analyzer more than five years ago, he used it just to get a protocol balance. He simply wanted to know what was happening on his network. Now his engineers have become more educated and are looking at the network forensically to see who are the bandwidth hogs.