Being a niche player in the SAAS market, Zoho brings an amazing level of engineering expertise to ManageEngine in building highly secure and scalable distributed applications. And hopefully you know, Adventnet has recently changed its name to Zoho Corp and formed three divisions namely ManageEngine, Zoho, and WebNMS.

 ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition is a truly distributed NetFlow collection and reporting application, purpose-built for large organizations managing hundreds and thousands of networking devices and links across their geographically distributed business locations. When we started building NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition, one of the biggest challenges we faced was improving the flow handling capacity and building a unified view of geographically separated networks. After experiments, the engineering team concluded that offloading flow collection from the reporting center drastically improved the flow handling capacity.

 Below is the architecture of our distributed edition. You can see the collectors are deployed at every major business locations and data centers for flow collection. These collectors compresses the exported flow data and sends it via HTTPS connection to the central server for reporting purposes. Here, most of the flow processing functionalities were offloaded to collectors which helps the central server to generate reports within seconds for any particular device.
NetFlow Analyzer EE Architecture
Many of the NetFlow Analyzers available in the market are not truely distributed in nature. They parse and store the flow records in the same collector and cannot give you the unified view of all the collection points. And there is no automatic crash recovery of data is possible. Unlike in ManageEngine, it involves individual backup and upgrade procedures which requires lot of maintenance activities. All these procedures are automated in ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Engine via failover and smart upgrade manager technologies. And this is why we call ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a Enterprise class distributed NetFlow collection and reporting engine suitable for any large organisations. And when we say distributed we mean it.
Before you start evaluating a distributed and scalable netflow monitoring solution, please ensure that you have the following Enterprise class features are available.
1. Distributed flow collection capability and optimized bandwidth usage between collectors and central reporting server.
2. Scales upto 20000 interface with 15000 flows per second. Any number of collectors can be added without any additional license.
3. Support for NetFlow V5,V7,V9 /sFlow, JFlow, NetStream, IPFIX.
4. Support for Cisco NBAR and correlate NBAR data with NetFlow data.
5. Support for CB-QoS (Class Based – Quality of Service) monitoring. Identify Pre and Post policy metrics and fine tune your QoS configurations.
6. Failover support – automatic crash recovery and data replication. Please visit this link for more information.
7. Ability to use your existing SAN (Storage Area Network).
8. Compatible with VM ware.
9. No data loss even after a link failure between Collectors and Central Server.
10. Ensure separate 64 bit binaries are available for increased flow handling and reporting performance.
11. Secure data transfer – https mode between collector and central server
12. Smart upgrade manager. Upgrade patchs are pushed automatically from the central console to collectors. 
12. User defined dashboards and views.
13. Group devices based on their location and build tree view for easy access and troubleshooting.
14. Ability to work in multiple time zones
15. Network Forensics using raw data
NetFlow Analyzer EE View
 And remember thousands of users like Cisco,Adobe, Ferrari and many fortune companies cannot be wrong.
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