The camel and data storage

NetFlow Analyzer | March 2, 2006 | 1 min read

I remember a short story that goes like this—

There were two camels (a mother and her child) in a zoo.

Child: Why do we have a hump on our back?

Mom: To store water for many days when we travel in the desert.

Child: Why do we have long legs and rough toes?

Mom: Long legs help us see things at a distance, and rough toes help us walk comfortably for long distances in the desert sands.

Child: Then what are we doing here?

Mom: !!!

This is how the discussion about storing raw data for longer periods started. We had a stable framework that would enable us to store raw data for more than a week, provided the customer had enough free disk space, and we were still retaining it for just that last one hour. Now that was in NetFlow Analyzer 4.

We realized that the harsh desert is where we belonged. Now NetFlow Analyzer 5 stores raw data for up to two weeks (and you can set it to a shorter period if you desire). Talk about power and flexibility.