The number of cybersecurity events faced by companies and businesses across the globe has grown exponentially since the pandemic began. Without adequate network security monitoring practices and around-the-clock monitoring in place, the chances of a cyber incident happening are highly likely. However, not all companies can afford to have a team of highly trained network admins watching over their network 24/7.

Introducing the Firewall Analyzer mobile app, which makes it possible to monitor your firewalls in real time on the go. With this mobile app, you can eliminate the need to check your computer every now and then to get an overview of your network security status. Instead, you can be notified via your mobile device every time a network security event arises.

Optimize firewall and compliance management

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer offers real-time agentless firewall logs, traffic details, firewall configuration, compliance management, and VPN monitoring. The mobile application gives you updated information on firewall rules, live traffic, VPN consumption, and much more.

The cost of an ignored or unattended cybersecurity event can be unimaginable, increasing the stakes of the security admin who is in charge of network security. However, with Firewall Analyzer’s mobile app, you’ll have the network right at your fingertips.

Firewall Analyzer’s mobile app features:

Resource summary: View the complete list of firewall devices, interfaces, cloud services, and rules used in your network infrastructure.

Firewall performance: View individual firewall devices and a summary of their details, such as traffic, rules, security, and VPNs.

Exhaustive alarms: View a repository of alarms, including the active ones triggered by security events, categorized by severity.

Single pane of glass view: Get a bird’s-eye view of your network security landscape, including traffic, user data, VPN activity, a security overview, and firewall compliance details.

Tools to troubleshoot common network issues: The Firewall Analyzer mobile app comes with built-in tools to perform basic troubleshooting.

Firewall Analyzer Mobile application

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