Preventive maintenance is a systematic way of checking and repairing a asset, equipment, machine or vehicle. Asset life can be significantly extended by simply tightening screws, cleaning, lubricating and replacing parts that show wear. Most of the equipment manufacturers design a specific preventive maintenance checklists for maintenance professionals to follow when they take the equipment down for maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is usually outlined in instruction manual or maintenance checklist. In most of the preventive maintenance checklist the first step would be cleaning the exterior and interior of a equipment. Cleaning, lubricating and tightening are the three important steps in any preventive maintenance checklist.

Preventive maintenance ensures machines, equipments, assets and vehicles are kept in proper working condition. A major, expensive repair, breakdown or downtime can be avoided by carrying out preventive maintenance activities at scheduled time intervals. Scheduling preventive maintenance will be easier when you have FacilitiesDesk implemented.

With the help of ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk you can keep track of preventive maintenance schedules for every machine, asset, equipment and vehicle.

  1. I agree with your concern for preventative maintenance. Modern facility managers now need to be concerned about the quality of the desk, tables, and cabinets used in their office buildings. Fortunately the office furniture industry now uses GreenGuard certified products to improve indoor air quality and reduce chemical exposure.