Its like large pizzas offered at discount interestingly with more toppings…my previous blog spoke about the change in price for FacilitiesDesk…Now its time to talk about the toppings.

Since our release there have been few repeated ?concerns..Are we were going to integrate AutoCAD? Will FacilitiesDesk have room booking feature? The answer is a big “YES”. Apart from these we are planning to offer you more profound inclusions in our next big release like…FacilitiesDesk in other languages(Pl wait to know which are those languages), MS SQL support – These two features are all set to go except for a green signal from the testing team.

Before this release we would like to keep you busy…so we are coming up with our service pack pretty sooner and there you have another news!!!

Looking forward to fill your thoughts with more and more hot and interesting news….feed us with all more questions, comments and feedback – we are all ears…