Making of FacilitiesDesk

Firewall Analyzer | March 15, 2008 | 1 min read

Development of FacilitiesDesk for the facility management domain was an inspiration seeing simple yet sophisticated and affordable Softwares being used for IT and system administration.

There were three key hurdles spotted and the product was built around those:

  • Prolonged desk research and on talking to prospects brought out the fact that there is a lot of Manual paper work going in for the facilities management teams in organizations of all sizes. This is due to inhibitions of the admin staffs to use the softwares unlike IT and system administrators
  • All available CMMS though came up as a replacement of manual work were lacking in sophistication as that of a ServiceDesk and again the inhibition to softwares prevailed amongst the facilities management staffs
  • The replacement for CMMS tools were sophisticated CAFM applications but the installation part was terrifying since it went beyond months. Also all CAFM softwares came with very high price

So when FacilitiesDesk was built care was taken to keep it simple, that even non-software savy facility management staffs will be able to use the system at ease, which eventually will negate the manual work that goes in. FacilitiesDesk is developed with all major modules of a Facilities and Maintenance Management like:

So thats the making of ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk for you…

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