Building a future-ready network begins with integrating three core network services: DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, collectively known as DDI, which serves as  the heart of network connectivity and operations.

What is DDI? 

Domain Name System (DNS): A DNS translates your service and host names into machine-readable IP addresses and makes them easily accessiHeble.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): This protocol automates IP address assignment and network configuration for devices, ensuring seamless connectivity for any new device joining your network.

IP address management (IPAM): IPAM simplifies IP address space management in your network, offering real-time tracking and control of IPs used and unassigned for DNS and DHCP services.

Following the successful deployment of ManageEngine CloudDNS, we are excited to unveil ManageEngine DDI Central , the latest breakthrough in ManageEngine’s line of critical network infrastructure management solutions.  As an on-premises solution specializing in enterprise DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, ManageEngine DDI Central is more than a technical solution—it’s a strategic asset that underpins your network infrastructure.

By providing complete control and centralized, contextualized visibility into the IP network infrastructure, ManageEngine DDI Central boosts administrators’ productivity, reduces manual tasks, enhances network security, speeds up connectivity, ensures compliance, and heightens operational efficiency, resulting in consistent and effective network management.


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The triad of network efficiency: Crafting a cohesive network strategy unifying DNS, DHCP, and IPAM 

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Key capabilities of ManageEngine DDI Central

Flexible cluster management: Manage and monitor both internal and external DNS and DHCP clusters. discover and manage existing Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) BIND 9 and ISC DHCP installations, or set up new clusters from scratch.

Streamlined DNS server and zone management: Easily configure DNS settings and zone data from a centralized console for efficient and comprehensive network oversight.

Automated DHCP scope management: Simplify network administration by dynamically managing IP address allocations and custom configurations across various scopes.

DHCP fingerprinting: Provide targeted IP configurations, enforce tailored compliance policies, and access privileges by granularly identifying and classifying the devices connecting to your network.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS, which is the combination of DNS and DHCP) management: Manage a responsive, scalable network by effortlessly adapting to dynamic IP changes in zone data with secure, automatic updates, guaranteeing uninterrupted services without manual intervention.

DNS aging and scavenging: Streamline regular DNS maintenance by automating the timely identification and removal of stale records, ensuring a reliable, up-to-date DNS infrastructure.

DNS security management: Enhance network security with DNS System Security Settings (DNSSEC) for authenticating DNS responses, employ response policy zones (RPZ) and DNS firewalls to proactively block malicious domains, and leverage domain views for controlled domain resolutions and Response Rate Limiting (RRL)  for mitigating DNS amplification attacks.

Domain traffic surveillance: Gain real-time insights into your network’s DNS traffic patterns to identify potential security threats, analyze and optimize zone performance, and proactively troubleshoot issues within your network.

Lease history insights: Analyze IP lease history to access DNS mapping and query analytics for specific IPs, efficiently tracking IP transitions and ensuring compliance while troubleshooting network issues.

IP and MAC address identity mapping: Access user information related to the network and end-host devices, and analyze users’ consumption of IP resources. Streamline change management and swiftly mitigate and troubleshoot network issues by following a user-centric approach.

IPv4-IPv6 coexistence strategy: Future-proof your network with DNS64 for seamless IPv4-IPv6 communication, alleviate IPv4 scarcity, and smoothly start integrating IPv6 devices in the global transition towards IPv6 infrastructure.

Built-in failover, audit, and access controls: Establish robust failover and auditing for DNS and DHCP services, coupled with role-based access for secure DDI cluster management. 

ManageEngine DDI Central is your gateway to a resilient and future-ready network. Seamlessly integrating DNS, DHCP, and IPAM boosts security, reliability, and scalability while simplifying complex tasks. Take charge of your network’s future with ManageEngine DDI Central and experience secure, efficient, and cost-effective operations. Download a free, 30-day trial now to optimize your network.