IT outsourcing: When outsiders become insiders, how do you ensure information security?

Organizations outsource a part or whole of their IT services to third-party service providers for various reasons, such as cost savings, leveraging outside expertise, need to meet business demands quickly, and other critical aspects. Usually, tasks such as software development, …

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Security Gaffes You Might Have Missed So Far This Year

If you can believe it, 2013 is already halfway over. With summer here, businesses everywhere are feeling the heat in their IT organizations – as they fight a growing array of security concerns, threatening their profitability and reputation alike.

Perhaps …

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If Big Data’s too scary, try Little Data (it’s free)

Here are some stats that will blow your mind: Every minute of every day, 48 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube, Google receives over 2 million queries, over 100,000 tweets are sent and nearly 600 new websites are …

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$45 million ATM heist turns focus again on insider threats, controlling privileged access!

New wave of cyber-attacks on banks lend credence to the belief that insider threat is getting complex and cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting to siphon-off the login credentials of employees and administrative passwords of IT resources.

It is termed as the …

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Could Your Jewelry Stop Hackers?

Google has been talking about an innovative idea to replace passwords with jewelry — that’s right, jewelry. Actually, the enabling technology could be hidden in jewelry, such as a ring, which would perform secure cryptographic transactions that would obviate …

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Why should you care about streamlining the management of network device configs and passwords?

Enterprises depend on network availability for business continuity and network configuration data lies at the core of enterprise network administration. Network device configurations contain access credentials, SNMP settings, access control lists and other sensitive data that make them crucial to …

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Password Manager Pro Consolidates Leadership in Privileged Identity Management

First some statistics:

Global customer base grew by 45% during 2012; Grew 61 percent in Germany; Netherlands 52 percent; Australia 50 percent; Canada, UK and USA 45 percent; Middle East 36 percent
Won the goodwill of SMEs as well as …

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Beware: Hackers in your car, TV and light-bulbs?

We all know we should be careful transacting online, but are you thinking about cyber-security when you’re watching TV or driving your car?

If you’re like me, those flashy new products at last week’s CES show probably got you dreaming …

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