Virtually every business today depends on databases and web servers for daily operations. Since these business-critical applications deal with sensitive data, keeping them secure is a major priority—as a security professional, you need to carefully evaluate and implement security measures to protect these applications.

While security monitoring might seem like a basic measure that’s been around for ages, it’s still a vital aspect of any organization’s application security strategy. In fact, when done correctly, security information and event management (SIEM) is a highly effective measure to safeguard your databases and web servers so you can ensure business continuity.

If you’re wondering how to get started with continuous, real-time auditing of your SQL and IIS server logs, we can help. Join us for our free webinar where we will discuss how to analyze logs from your SQL and IIS servers using a SIEM solution, run audit reports to review security events, and receive alerts to detect and respond to threats. We’ll also show you how you can achieve this using Log360, our comprehensive SIEM solution.

Title: Auditing and securing SQL and IIS
Date and time: July 10th, 11am BST and 2pm EDT 

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