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Arvind Parthiban…

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People Problem Can Compromise a perfectly good ITIL implementation

ITIL implementation seems like a piece of cake after you complete an ITIL Certification program or after a discussion with a consultant. But when you get down to the actual implementation, you’ll find a lot of hurdles, which hinders the …

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Project Management in ITSM is not arm wrestling. It is simply thoughtful.

I know many of you would already have a separate project management tool for managing your IT and would have jumped to the conclusion that you don’t really see the need for a Project Management module in a help desk. …

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Rule out déjà vu with Problem Management

Problem management is one of the processes that is often disregarded or ignored as not being important or critical, when in real time it is avoided due to lack of time. Problem management is simple and when understood properly and …

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Guest Blog : Owning the Distribution of Release Notes

The release notes are written by the development/testing teams, but who should be distributing them out to users?

Same team who have written the release notes? Release/Change Management teams? OR should it be the Service Operations helpdesk?

I …

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