ManageEngine Thoughts: Software Defined Networking #1

With Software Defined Networking (SDN) being the new industry buzzword, more and more people including network architects, CIOs and CTOs have started exploring SDN and its capabilities to cater to the growing demands of enterprise and cloud services. Google statistics …

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Bridge the gap between IT Operations & IT Security

Traditionally, IT operations and IT Security have remained at loggerheads. IT operations team is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the the day-to-day activities, maintaining the software and hardware inventories, ensuring reliability, optimizing performance, capacity and utilization of the …

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Object access auditing simplified: Find the who, what, when, and where of file and folder accesses

For many administrators face knowing what actually happened to their files and folders can be a challenge–who accessed them, deleted them, edited them, moved them, and where the files and folders went. Object access auditing can help administrators meet this …

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Privileged User Monitoring and Audit (PUMA)

Privileged Users, like Network Administrators, System Administrators, and Database Administrators all have unrestricted access to all the critical servers, applications, and databases in an enterprise. They have the powers to create or remove user profiles and manage user privileges. Their …

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The Perils of Non-Compliance

The word ‘compliance’ has come a long way in the English dictionary. It might have started as yet another addition to the vocabulary, but now the image it conjures up – little would have the people who coined this word

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Why IT Matters

When I was in business school in the late 1990’s, we learned about Total-Factor Productivity (TFP). That’s the factor or coefficient that, when combined with labor and capital, equates to total output. TFP is an intangible, but it is thought

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IT’s New Reality

Jason Hiner over at TechRepublic wrote a blog the other day entitled What the IT department will look like in 2015. He’s got some interesting views: IT departments will be smaller, more decentralized, rely on more consultants, and focus

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A Tale of Two Realities: IT Managers, What’s Keeping You from Adopting New Technologies?

I had a lot of fun talking to Michael Dortch recently. For those of you who don’t know Michael, he’s a charismatic IT analyst who has a great perspective on IT and who likes to share it. The man’s one …

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Lessons from Sony PSN breach

The breach at Sony Play Station Network (PSN) breach creates a lot of doubts in the IT Security manager’s mind. We can take our lessons from the breach. Because it is smarter to learn from others mistakes.


Don’t think

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