Vulnerability Manager Plus is ManageEngine’s enterprise security program that empowers system administrators with an essential set of tools for managing and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities across systems in IT infrastructure. This security solution features specialized tools that help enterprises improve their overall security posture. Some of its unique tools include its integrated patch management module, security configuration management, and prioritization of vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Manager Plus was recently reviewed by CompareCamp’s team of analysts and recognized for its unique features that set it apart from the other vulnerability management software in the market.

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 Review of Vulnerability Manager Plus

According to CompareCamp, Vulnerability Manager Plus is the ideal choice for businesses of any size. This endpoint threat and vulnerability management tool from ManageEngine was tested by CompareCamp’s team and evaluated based on the factors discussed earlier.

Vulnerability Manager Plus ultimately received a Product Quality Score of 8.5. A few of its features were highlighted as being especially beneficial to users: the vulnerability assessment tool, the integrated patch management console, and its zero-day exploit mitigation.

While the product’s vulnerability assessment helps users prioritize their response to threats, its integrated patch management console eliminates the need for a separate tool to manage and distribute patches. Vulnerability Manager Plus’ zero-day vulnerability mitigation feature aids admins in thwarting zero-day exploits with special scripts to tighten network security.

 CompareCamp has presented Vulnerability Manager Plus with two awards as recognition of the product’s strong offering:



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Nikhil Narayan
Content writer