PMP as an alternative to WSUS

WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) is an add-on provided by Microsoft for patching Windows applications. Along with being free, the basic functionalities that WSUS provides makes it an easy choice for major SMBs. However, in reality, WSUS falls short in a number of ways; because of this, many teams that rely on WSUS for their patching needs end up investing in additional tools that usually come at an additional cost.

 Many enterprises today are embracing the trend of having a heterogeneous OS environment, but WSUS users will never be able to catch up, because WSUS doesn’t support Mac and Linux platforms. WSUS doesn’t offer much for third-party patching either. This makes the sudden rise in the attacks targeting these third-party vulnerabilities a bad sign for WSUS users.

 To achieve comprehensive patching, WSUS sysadmins have to invest in and simultaneously manage multiple tools just to keep their heterogeneous organization patched, further complicating the patching process. Keeping all this in mind, do you still feel WSUS is a good choice?

 Cost aside, the basic functionalities of WSUS are just that: basic. Devised for a predominantly Windows-oriented environment with rudimentary needs, WSUS is fairly outdated even with the small feature set that it provides. With limited options to customize deployments and extremely rigid scheduling choices, WSUS users are generally left with very little control.

 On top of this, major glitches, like displaying complete patch compliance for devices that are still missing critical patches and lack of immediate support, only add to the woes that WSUS users face. If you’re a WSUS user, don’t worry. We have the solution: Patch Manager Plus.

 Along with cross platform support and efficient third-party patching, Patch Manager Plus comes packed with a variety of robust and contemporary features such as automated patch deployment, testing and approval of patches before they’re deployed, flexible deployment policies, and much more.

 Affordably priced, Patch Manager Plus is the one of the best alternatives to the shortcomings of WSUS. Interested in learning more? Check out this detailed page on how Patch Manager Plus is better than WSUS.

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