Windows 10 April 2018 Update offers some exciting features to Windows 10 users

When comparing Windows 10 to past version of Windows, it’s not hard to see why Microsoft considers this operating system to be a league ahead of its predecessors. In the latest Spring Creators update—now referred to as the Windows 10 April 2018 update—Windows 10 users will see some pleasant surprises. Here are some quick highlights of what the Windows 10 April 2018 update has to offer:

    1. Better productivity: The latest update promises users more productivity, which Microsoft claims to be users’ greatest currency.
    2. Timeline: The latest addition allows you to “time-travel” up to 30 days back and work on open documents and programs from previous iterations of your desktop.
    3. Less downtime: Manually installing the April 2018 update takes around 30 minutes, which is less than half the time the last update took (82 minutes). And if you have scheduled automated patch deployment, you can deploy this patch without affecting employees’ working hours.
    4. Nearby sharing: Taking a cue from Apple’s AirDrop, Windows 10’s nearby sharing feature allows you to transfer files between two PCs that have applied the April 2018 update.
    5. Forget about remembering passwords: Signing in with a local admin account, but not a Microsoft account, now gives you a bit of leeway when it comes to forgotten passwords. You can now sign in easily with the help of three security questions.
    6. Beat the lag while updating: Once you’ve installed the latest update, just tweak the Update & Security settings to prevent future updates from slowing down your PC while being installed.
    7. Resolving the resolution issue: Windows 10 now has a scaling option, allowing all applications to appear in the best possible resolution.
    8. Microsoft respects your privacy: There are a few minor privacy enhancements in this update: camera privacy settings have been adjusted, and will impact all software that uses a camera; permissions can be revoked for critical apps like email, contacts, pictures, and videos; and you can now deny Windows the permission to collect information on your activity.
    9. A friendlier Cortana: Cortana now has an Organizer tab for lists and reminders, along with the Manage Skills tab for everything else.
    10. Mute noisy tabs: Microsoft’s Edge browser allows you to mute tabs, just like in Chrome and Firefox.

The Windows 10 April 2018 update may have come a few weeks later than planned, but good things come to those who wait. If you’re managing Windows 10 machines and looking for a large-scale patching solution, look no further. ManageEngine’s Patch Manager Plus can do the trick without affecting your productivity. Get your free, 30-day trial now!

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