We are excited to announce the newest arrival to the ManageEngine family: Patch Manager Plus helps you patch faster, smarter, and better.

Every enterprise dreams of securing all of its computers from vulnerabilities and keeping them all up to date, but that can get complicated with multiple operating systems. Now, you’ve got Patch Manager Plus to help make this dream come true.

Patch Manager Plus provides a single interface for automating all patch management tasks—from detecting missing patches to deploying updates—for Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party applications. With this comprehensive patching tool, you can automate the deployment of patches to remote offices, roaming users, and computers within your local office, all from a central location. Patch every computer in your organization—even computers in closed networks, like those in a demilitarized zone (DMZ).

Key features

 Patch Manager Plus can automatically:

  • Detect and download missing patches

  • Test and approve patches

  • Deploy patches when applications are not in use

  • Install patches during non-business hours

  • Wake devices before deployment and reboot them after patches are installed

  • Deny patches for specific groups and departments

  • Run reports and audit patch deployment and compliance

With security requirements constantly increasing, your organization needs an efficient way to patch multiple software platforms at once. An automated patch management solution should meet a few key requirements, including: support for heterogeneous environments, continuous endpoint monitoring, a network neutral architecture, robust testing and reporting capabilities, and most importantly, flexibility and ease of use. Patch Manager Plus delivers industry-leading capabilities in each of these critical areas. In simpler terms, Patch Manager Plus is the onestop solution for all your patch management needs.

To learn more, please visit https://www.manageengine.com/patch-management/.

The Patch Manager Plus team