Day One Support for ​iOS 9

When a new mobile OS release is around the corner, every mobile device management (MDM) IT admin’s concern is when their MDM client will support the new upgrade. Eager users promptly want to update their OS to check

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Swift Enrollment with Apple Device Enrollment Program

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is all about accelerating the enrollment process of iOS devices into the mobile device management (MDM) client. This simplifies the enrollment process for the IT administrator and end users. Apple’s mobile devices (such as

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Enroll Mobile Devices Easily

Given the nature of today’s job environment, employees increasingly use mobile devices to do their work. Enterprises go through an elaborate decisionmaking process to choose the right mobile devices for their workforce or to allow employees bring their

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Can You Get over This Stagefright?

This news can cause a bit more flutter in your stomach than the butterflies did when you went on stage the first time. Stagefright, Android’s media playback engine, is on the hacker’s radar due to the bugs in the

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