StrandHogg vulnerability threatens 500 of the most popular Android apps

Earlier this month, security researchers at Promon, a Norwegian firm that specializes in in-app security, uncovered a unique vulnerability in Android devices that allows malicious apps to masquerade as legitimate apps and prompt for intrusive permissions that allow them …

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Apple in 2018, now Tesla—who’s next in the line of internal data leaks?

Recent allegations of an ex-Tesla employee syncing the Autopilot source code to his personal iCloud account is yet another classic case of how poor data security is, even in some of the most technologically advanced organizations. The Tesla leak …

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Five BYOD challenges IT teams face and ways to mitigate them

BYOD stands for bring your own device, whereby your organization lets employees use personal devices for day-to-day work. Sounds simple, right?

Unlike corporate devices where the enterprise has complete freedom to choose users’ device types and platforms, BYOD is a …

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Why now is the best time to deploy Chromebooks in your enterprise

Ever since the advent of software as a service (SaaS), the number of cloud-based solutions has been on the rise, due in part to demand from a majority of today’s workforce getting work done online. According to LogicMonitor, 83 …

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12 mobile device features that help ensure corporate data security

Our hearts might skip a beat every time we put our hands in our pocket and can’t find our mobile phone, and we’re filled with dread at the thought of losing the device that contains our personal photos and the …

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More Android malware and another iOS exploit: How to safeguard your devices?

The past few months have seen both Android and iOS fall prey to various security attacks, with more malware attacks and exploits being uncovered on a daily basis. 

First, let’s look at the newest zero-day Android vulnerability. This vulnerability leverages …

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Android malware: How do enterprises tackle this ever-growing menace?

Let us first agree on a couple of things before we start: One, Android is the most affordable platform for enterprises with a mobile-first/mobile-only workforce, and it has the smallest learning curve of any mobile OS. Two, due to its …

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Yet another malware attack: macOS now the target for security attacks

Mac usage, as you’ve probably seen in your workplace, has risen exponentially in enterprises. According to a Jamf survey, 74 percent of those who previously used a PC for work experience fewer issues now that they use a Mac. …

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Four simple ways to secure data in misplaced or stolen devices


In the modern era of mobility, corporate data is remotely accessed by employees around the clock through a variety of endpoints. Everything from customer data, user login details, and business-critical data might be accessed by employees remotely. As crucial as …

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