We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product to the ManageEngine family, Device Control Plus — the Data loss prevention (DLP) solution you need to control removable devices at any stage.

 Many organizations today use a number of different devices for regular business processes, and keeping tabs on all these devices can be a challenge. Between tracking the devices plugged into desktops, files transferred via USB, and the various peripheral devices used by employees for day-to-day business operations, it can be difficult to see who is using which devices and where your data is going.

 So, what makes your network vulnerable to data leaks? And how do you prevent them? When attackers try to exploit your data, one of the most convenient approaches for them is to exfiltrate data via USB and other peripheral devices, because those methods often don’t leave a trace. This attack is most often carried out by malicious insiders—employees from your own organization with malicious intent.

 Your employees, vendors, or sub-contractors may need to plug in their devices, but their intents may be ambiguous. Imagine: someone could walk up to your computer, plug in a device, and create a backdoor to exfiltrate your sensitive data in just a few seconds.

 Device Control Plus is a comprehensive DLP solution that prevents data loss via removable devices. It is capable of controlling access privileges for devices connected to your network, blocking any unauthorized devices from gaining entry, and monitoring all device and file use activities.

 Device Control Plus helps you spot and remediate hacking attempts through instant alerts and meticulous reports and audits, eliminating the risk of insider threats, DMA attacks, or any file-based attacks.

 With Device Control Plus, you can:

  • Control, block and monitor the actions of all USB and peripheral devices.
  • Authorize only the devices that you trust, and prevent the entry of malicious devices.
  • Implement role-based access control to prevent unauthorized access to your files.
  • Prevent unnecessary movement of data via USB and peripheral devices.
  • Grant temporary access to removable devices to prevent excessive access privileges.
  • Monitor hacking attempts and study device and user behavior patterns.

Complete visibility into your endpoints is essential to protect your data. If you can’t see your endpoints or what your employees are doing with your data, you can’t protect it. Device Control Plus is the all-in-one DLP solution you need that combines both device and data security to avoid data loss.

Gain complete control of devices and ports with the all new Device Control Plus.


Want to learn more about Device Control Plus? Sign up for a free, 30 day trial to see how it can help secure devices in your network.