Look twice before you “LookBack”

What makes great art, whether it be in literature, painting, film, or photography, so challenging and valuable that it seems to be out of our realm of understanding? In any such art, there is more to it than meets the …

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How a corrupted file took down 12,000 flights across the US: Real-world consequences of minor IT negligence

The airport is shutdown in the midst of a busy time, masses of people are stranded, pilots wait in the cockpit awaiting ground information, there’s confusion and panic among the crew. This could easily be a scene from Die Hard

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Want to keep your employees satisfied? UEM shows you the way

If we look at the last decade, organizations are increasingly championing the movement of employee satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, of course, is one of the quintessential factors for any enterprise to be successful. However, in recent times, enterprises have realized that …

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January 2023 Patch Tuesday comes with fixes for 98 vulnerabilities, including 1 zero day

The first Patch Tuesday of the new year doesn’t fail to surprise us at all. Keeping the trend intact, January 2023’s Patch Tuesday lists fixes for 98 vulnerabilities, including one zero day. With the zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited, admins …

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Bid goodbye to ransomware attacks with Endpoint Central’s Anti-Ransomware

Ransomware is an alarming cyberthreat that’s been evolving over the decades. According to Statista, there were a total of 236.1 million ransomware attacks worldwide during the first half of 2022. When organizations do not pay attention to their company’s …

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Educational institutions: To patch or not to patch?

The second decade of the 21st century witnessed an unprecedented paradigm shift in the educational sphere. With the onset of the pandemic, conventional ideas of an educational institution gave way to a far modernized and on-the-go approach. Joining class and …

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Are educational institutions easy victims of ransomware groups?

Best practices for educational institutions

Ransomware’s new favorite victim is educational institutions. Ransomware attacks, that exploit targets utilizing malicious software code, have increased tremendously over the past few years. In addition to targeting business sectors, cybercriminals are now attempting to ambush the security posture of …

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December 2022 Patch Tuesday comes with fixes for 49 vulnerabilities, including 2 zero days

Patch Tuesday is here again, this time with a plethora of updates. December 2022’s Patch Tuesday lists fixes for 49 vulnerabilities, including two zero days. With all of the zero-day vulnerabilities being actively exploited, admins need to implement these patches …

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Efficiently uncover network device threats and ensure a safer IT environment

According to a study by Microsoft, more than 80% of enterprises have experienced at least one firmware attack in the past three years.

Is your enterprise’s security posture secure? Does your security software manage and defend all your endpoints …

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