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 “Ok Google, what does Android Pie have in store for enterprises?”

From Android Enterprise to zero-touch enrollment, Google has recently been taking giant strides towards the enterprise management space. Earlier this year, many of us were wondering which dessert Google would name their newest Android release after. That name turned …

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Patch Tuesday updates for August 2018

Last month’s edition of Patch Tuesday left many of us stranded since the patches it contained caused more trouble than the vulnerabilities they were intended to fix.  Situations like this often leave sysadmins with only two options: install the updates …

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Protect your data from the Bluetooth bug that has affected billions of devices

With organizations still recovering from the damages caused by recent desktop malware attacks, like SamSam and PowerGhost, a newly discovered bluetooth vulnerability, CVE 2018-5383, is now threatening the data on billions of personal and corporate mobile devices and laptops by …

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Microsoft Edge vulnerability paves the way for another data breach

Let’s face it—application vulnerabilities have become inevitable in recent years. When Microsoft released Edge, its web browser created to replace Internet Explorer, it came with new features and enhancements, but it also brought along an unexpected vulnerability that allows hackers …

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SingHealth cyberattack highlights importance of endpoint hardening

One of the most important aspects of healthcare reform is an emphasis on preventative care, which makes the recent cyberattack on Singapore’s largest group of healthcare institutions, SingHealth, somewhat ironic. Unfortunately, SingHealth couldn’t prevent an attacker from stealing the personal …

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Linux security and patching: Are you as safe as you think you are?

Linux security and patching


A common question posed by enterprises when it comes to defending against cyberthreats is “Which operating system is most secure?” There are only a few major operating systems (OSs) available, so enterprises aren’t left with many choices. Out of …

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Got a new Android device? You might be up against the RAMpage attack  

RAMpage is a recent vulnerability that bypasses all the security measures put in place to secure Android devices against the Rowhammer attack. It can gain root privilege to an Android device and steal any data available on it.

To …

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Why securing your roaming users’ endpoints is important

Securing your travelling employees with the latest updates is utmost necessary.

Travel is a constant factor for many sales and marketing executives and business development personnel. While they’re away from the office, these remote employees feel the effects of any …

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How to combat the ever-changing Windows landscape

Since its inception back in the 1980’s, Windows has faced frequent and significant changes. With Windows 10, Microsoft adopted a servicing model that made organizations rethink the way they deploy and upgrade Windows. Windows 10’s semiannual major OS upgrades, known …

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Use Patch Connect Plus’ native plug-in to integrate with SCCM

Many companies rely on System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage their Microsoft applications; however, one of the main limitations of SCCM is that it can only patch Microsoft applications. For companies that rely on SCCM, this lack of third-party …

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