Company: The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA)

Country: United States

Industry: Not-for-profit corporation

Challenges faced by the NYRA

Rabindra Mohan, technical operations manager at the NYRA, was tasked with improving his organization’s remote work capabilities. However, due to the inherent nature of the business, the IT team had to take a very hands-on approach to their operations. Mohan needed a solution that could be automated and deployed right out of the box. As part of the IT team’s broader vision, Mohan also wanted to manage the NYRA’s IT environment on the go from a mobile app.

Mohan was looking for a comprehensive AD user reporting solution that could help him:

  1. Manage user logins and passwords.

  2. Manage AD.

  3. Export reports.

  4. Get instant customer support.

  5. Manage bulk users and passwords.

AD360 helps the NYRA’s IT team by:

  1. Monitoring user activities in real time.

  2. Reducing the number of password reset requests the IT team handles.

  3. Generating, scheduling, and exporting over 150 comprehensive, pre-installed reports on their AD infrastructure.

  4. Offering customer assistance in minutes.

  5. Enforcing identity security through SSO and MFA.

“We implemented the product. We love every bit of it. After we realized you guys had a ton of other solutions, we went from using one to three ManageEngine solutions. The guys in support, who I talk a lot with, are knowledgeable, smart, and dedicated. If I find myself needing help, I can jump on the support chat and get assistance in a couple of minutes. The product is easily deployable and teams can see instant returns on their investments. You also cannot beat the price.”
Rabindra Mohan, technical operations manager at the NYRA

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