In the digital transformation race and to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market, it’s no longer enough to simply move your IT infrastructure elements to the cloud. With customer preferences constantly changing, enterprises need to integrate optimal, agile processes using innovative technologies to stay relevant in today’s competitive market.

Although many organizations understand the requirements of digital transformation and increased transformation initiatives, there is still no shortage of bottlenecks when the transformation practices are applied in real life.

IT operations teams are becoming continuously overwhelmed due to the pace at which IT is being consumed to meet the transformation needs. On top of that, organizations have also been hampered by longer incident resolution, inefficient processes, and lack of automation.

How do you effectively balance your resources between ongoing operations and innovation to meet the demands thrown at you?

We decided to join hands with IDC’s Stephen Elliot, a group vice president, to discuss the real truths behind digitally transforming your organization’s IT, the pitfalls involved in the journey, the latest technologies you can’t miss while shaping the future of your organization, and how ManageEngine solutions can play a part in making the transition smoother.

Join us during the discussion to help your organization adopt the right digital transformation strategy.


  • Understand the IT aspect of digital transformation.

  • Align your organization’s IT with business priorities in the digital era.

  • ‌Empower digital workplaces and devise hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

  • Map technology delivery plans to digital transformation trends.

  • Deploy AI and ML to offload tasks from IT staff.

  • Enable digital transformation through ManageEngine’s ITOM solutions.

 Event details

Date: April 27, 2022

Place: Online

Time: 11am EDT

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